about me

Never speechless, always smiling, often bouncy, and sometimes shy—Kira is freedom personified. She finds an adventure at every turn from politics to falling leaves. She bites her lip when she’s nervous and has a habit of inventing expressions, which often make more sense than their grammatical counterparts. She’s astutely perceptive and has a passion for great writing. But in the end, her smile and sparkling eyes belie her fierce determination to achieve. An avant-garde fashionista, Kira is stunning at all hours of the day, even before Starbucks in the morning. She’s a great listener, a loyal friend, the world’s best snuggle, and the best thing about coming home.

– Michael, husband
.   .   .   .   

Born in Toronto, raised in Montreal, based in Ottawa. Content creator. Passionate about fashion and politics. Opinionated, inquisitive, energetic, confident, and passionate.