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Friday, January 22, 2016

I'm going on vacation guys! A tropical winter holiday to the Caribbean—by way of Florida—for two weeks of sun, sand and tequila. To say that I'm excited is an understatement but there's one small thing that's been stressing me out. Some of you may think I'm crazy but the question is "what the heck do I wear when travelling from Ottawa to Fort Lauderdale in February!?" As much as I'd love to jump into my Uber wearing a cropped tank and espadrilles, I'm realistic that the weather outside is subzero and the snow is up to my knees. This typical Canadian weather is conquerable in my trusty Sorel Joan of Arctic boots and Atelier Noir jacket but those two items will be completely out of place in the Florida sun and sand (and will basically require an entire suitcase for travel between flights, hotels, and the cruise, which is not something I'd like to deal with, thank you very much).

That's issue number one. My second dilemma is that I'm also not a fan of showing up to the airport in pyjamas. Or sweatpants. Or a tracksuit (it's not 2007 anymore, sigh... RIP Juicy Couture). You never know who you're going to meet in an airport, be it a potential suitor or a future boss. I've had a few great conversations with some suit-clad men at the bar and I can guarantee it was largely due to the fact that I did not look like I just woke up, rolled out of bed, and schlepped my luggage through the terminal.

The more I thought about this and the more I wrote this post, the less anxious I began to feel. I constructed an outfit that was classy and put together while also comfortable and warm. It's doable, seriously! Keep reading to find out how.

Booties are the perfect shoe when travelling from a cold climate to something slightly more beachy since they look great with cutoff shorts with you're walking along the pier after dinner and will keep your toes warm when you're dashing to the airport in the snow. They're also great to throw on when you're doing some late night dancing and your feet are exhausted from the daily walking excursions (Nike Roshe Ones are never cute on the dancefloor). I love these Toga Pulla booties for their western flair (as seen on the right); other options include these Cynthia Vincent fringe booties and these simple Dolce Vita booties. Tan is a great color since it's not as harsh as black and looks great with faded jean shorts and a chambray tank. And these look so much classier than your old salt-stained UGGs or snow soaked TOMS flats. Also, do not fear a low chunky heel when travelling! Throw in the right insole and you'll be comfortable enough to stroll eternally through the duty-free shop or race to catch your connecting flight.

Forget your skinny jeans, leggings, and Lululemon yoga pants. The best pant to travel in is a luxe jogger. I own a pair of pants similar to these Talula Los Feliz pant on the left and I can vouch for how comfortable and chic they are. The crepe-like fabric is flowy while also complimenting the body and is unbelievably soft, like your favorite pair of sweatpants. Babaton's Harvey pant and Wilfred's Turquet pant are great options as well. I also love these pants because they feature an elastic bottom, which allows them to be scrunched up the calf once you arrive in a warmer climate (plus the lightweight fabric breathes well). Bonus points if they have pockets because duh. Since they're a loose fabric, you'll want to pair them with fitted layers on top — which I'll get to next.

Layers are your best friend when you're flying, especially when you're traveling from a cold climate to somewhere warmer. A boyfriend blazer is a staple item in my closet and usually the first thing I grab when getting dressed for the airport; it's long, fitted, structured (to compliment my flowy bottoms!), and an easy item to take off when I'm warm or throw on when the temperature is a bit too cold in the plane. I also usually wear a blazer to avoid having to pack it, since it's basically impossible for me to not crease the hell out of every blazer I own. I love the frosty color of this Wilfred Chevalier jacket to the right, as well as this AYR and LAVEER blazer. Plus, the benefit of wearing a boyfriend blazer is that it leaves enough room for some additional layering...

The final step is the additional layering pieces that you wear under your blazer, which, depending on the kind of person you are, can very from just a t-shirt to a sweater and tank top. I tend to be cold all the time so my choice is usually a fitted tank top that tucks into my pants along with a simple cardigan that is hidden by my blazer (like this Topshop one to the left). You don't want to look too bundled up but I enjoy knowing that my sweater can turn into a nifty little pillow if needed. Moreover, I try not to accessorize too much since taking off all your jewelry when going through security sucks; no one wants to be the girl who spends 10 minutes taking off every single one of her precious jewels. I keep it simple with my everyday rings, basic diamond stud earrings, a rose gold watch, and my Fitbit (all those airport steps need to be recorded!)

And there you have it! I typically skip the typical carry-on suitcase and throw my necessities in a Herschel weekender duffle or large Michael Kors tote. Be sure to follow my upcoming adventure on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat (@kirabergs) and let me know in the comments below what your travel necessities are!


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